Fully Erect?… Nope, Not This Time

I was asked a few questions from collaredmichael, I’m going to split them up into different posts. In this post, I will answer the following.

Being a sub man in a cage, is this something you might like to do? Would you like to be a key holder?

I’ve heard that some Dominant women don’t do chastity because they feel like the male is submitting to the device, not the woman…

I’m not one to tell other women how to do their thing but, yeah, I’m pretty confident they’re doing it wrong.

If you are a Dominant woman and don’t like the idea of chastity, that is well within your rights, just don’t make up lame excuses why you don’t use chastity.

And, guys, be very careful how you approach a woman with the idea of chastity because you might end up turning them into a woman that thinks you are submitting to a piece of metal/plastic.

Personally, I think it is a great tool.

I love that it gives me control of a penis, and therefore the boy. It is also an easy way to feed my sadistic side — teasing a boy so that he strains against the cage, denying the penis pleasure when I get all the pleasure I want… that is some tasty stuff! I like that it reminds the boy that they are mine, even when I’m not physically with them. I would really enjoy having a necklace with a key on it, reminding me of the control I have.

I wouldn’t keep a boy locked up 24/7, though. I like edging and ruining orgasms. I like seeing when a boy gets an erection, especially in humiliating situations. I would also like seeing when they don’t have an erection, especially if I’m feeling particularly sadistic — knowing they are not getting pleasure from what I’m doing. In other words, I like playing with penises that aren’t locked up.

Needless to say, it greatly depends on my mood if I will use chastity or not, but, yes, I do like it.


      1. True. I feel extremely lucky. But now that I’m in this lifestyle, I wouldn’t enter another relationship unless the woman was willing to live this way. I have no plans to look —I’m hoping to live to a ripe old age with my Queen!

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  1. I am denied but not caged. My wife likes for me to rub little willy on her pussy and ass, multiple times a day, and if I have an accident and a ruined orgasm, she is also ok that. She doesn’t notice any down time on my part, but I do, and I hate it.

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      1. Another question: if you had a male in a cage, how often would you like him to penetrate you with your penis? Or would you prefer a dildo for penetration? Would you like lots of oral from him? And finally would you have him drink your urine?? Horny caged guys want to know—ok. Just me!

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      2. Haha! Nice to see you can admit being a horny caged guy.

        I’ll answer them here…

        I do like PIV sex. I’m honestly not sure how often — if I want it, I’ll do it. I prefer a real penis over a dildo but I REALLY like the idea of denying him and using a dildo. I love the idea of creating a desire in him that would make him ache to touch me anyway he could, even if that is only having the pleasure of kissing my feet. (I’m not into feet stuff. I do, however, like the meaning behind that action). And, no, I would not have him drink my urine.

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