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I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt reading that post — how many of my fears it touches, how my heart feels, being reminded of the depth of responsibility I put on myself, the validation of knowing that I am not wrong for taking ownership that serious, the relief that their story didn’t end… and the need it created to hug those I love and care for.


  1. I read it this morning too. It reminded me of a few dear friends that ‘follow’ without question. But further examining this reminds me of points in my life as a Mother. Times when we assume things are just a kid not wanting to go to school, etc. Fortunately nothing major has ever come from those times, but it isn’t always because we aren’t paying close enough attention. How many other times did Mouse react in a way that Omega did the same thing and nothing came of it? I’m not saying we dispose of our responsibilities But both parties are responsible. I get being in a funk and not wanting to share with someone because you know you have blown it already- but maybe she didn’t think she was that sick either?

    Regardless, here is hoping eyes stay open, mouths begin to open and hugs are plentiful.


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    1. I don’t think either of them were in the wrong. They are only human. I can see myself reacting VERY close to the way he did, before and after he realized she was sick. Maybe she didn’t want to be a burden or worry him.

      I’m SO thankful he wrote about the experience. I will learn from it.

      I want a dynamic close to theirs, I ache for it and I will have it. You become so dependent on each other and the bond weaves its way into most, if not every fiber of your life. It can be gone so fast… and then what are you left with when it isn’t there?… fuck, that hurts my heart!

      The whole post has brought up so many feelings for me, I’m seriously having a hard time working through them.

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