What if My sub Wanted a sub?

I asked for some inspiration from all of you on my last post, and Ms D came through with a few good questions.

The first question I’m going to answer…

What if your sub wanted to have a sub of their own? Would you support them? Mentor them? Or let them go to pursue this?

My answer would differ from sub to sub. It would also depend on what my relationship looked like with them and what kind of relationship they wanted to have with their sub.

I’ll break it down for you and try to keep it simple.

If I had a male slave/pet that wanted a sub… that’s a hilarious thought. A slave having authority over another doesn’t make any sense to me. I’m not saying it hasn’t happened somewhere in the world, or that it can’t happen, it just doesn’t fit in line with my idea of what a slave is (a male slave in particular). In fact, I would refrain from putting him in any kind of authority position, but that’s just me (I have principles, yo). If, on the rare chance, I had a female slave, I would give it some thought and probably end up telling them no, yet I might be willing to work something out if they wanted to top another one of my subs.

Seeing as how subs have more freedom than slaves, this is where we step into a grey area.

If we’re talking about someone I only saw occasionally and wasn’t very involved with (which is not something that gets my juices flowing), I would definitely support them and offer any kind of advise they asked for. I have actually recently been in this situation and did just that. However, it did change the way I handled the relationship. I believe with the right kind of communication it could work, but in this situation the communication wasn’t there (on either side) and it ended up not working out. Also, I’m 90% sure this would not work for me long term, even with good communication.

If I am involved with a sub, that I talk to daily and see often, I would try to work something out. It would be easier if they only wanted a play partner to occasionally top, however if they wanted a full-time sub… I don’t think it would work for me. There are so many variables that would tip it one way or the other and I have no way of really knowing what I would or wouldn’t do. I know that it is not ideal for me. Having said that, one of my regular fantasies involves my female sub (not slave) topping my male slave… *dreamy sigh* that really needs to happen.

At the end of the day, I don’t want my sub to have a sub, for multiple reasons, yet I am willing to compromise under the right circumstances. If my relationship ended with them as a result of them having a sub, I would hope that we could remain friends and I would be happy and very willing to support and mentor them.


    1. Since you’re not committed, I don’t think it would be fair to hold her back either. If you want to be encouraging, then definitely do that! I do believe it is possible to make it work (have a sub that has a sub), it just isn’t something that is very appealing to me because of the way my dominance works.

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    1. michael, that is one of my top fantasies. What I don’t want is for my sub to ‘own’ another sub. Using your example, and I was your Queen, I would not want that sub to own you. I would LOVE to see them dominate you, but it is all done when and the way I want. I would still be in COMPLETE control. Does that make sense?

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  1. A few days later and I still find it a bit insane that any sub would need to acquire a sub in these circumstances… wouldn’t it be a time of celebration of having time and being able to dedicate it to you?

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  2. Yes it would. Right now he spends his days at work and all other time my complete submissive doing all I ask and has to much housework to do anything else. Part of the power you receive being in a 24/7 relationship is his thoughts and desires are only on me, during any sexual activity I want his sole attention.

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