End of Year (Life) Reflection

This year has been some kind of personalized hell.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure a higher power decided that 2017 wasn’t hard enough and, ya’ know, why not add some more logs to the fire? What doesn’t kill us…

I am ready to put this year behind me.

I am ready for a lot of things.

I’m ready to be done with some stupid and/or shitty people. I’m ready to deepen my relationships with people that aren’t stupid and/or shitty (thank goodness for them!!). I’m ready to start living and not just surviving.

Mostly, I’m ready to feel good.

That is going to be my goal for 2019.

Feel good.

Throw more logs on the fire, I don’t care. If there is one thing life has taught me it is that I can weather most kinds of hell and come out on the other side with a smile. It is about time I learn to smile while in the flames.

I got this.


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