I don’t know how to write here anymore. I’ve always been a journal blogger, and I don’t feel like I can do that anymore. It doesn’t feel safe and it doesn’t feel right — there are too many factors, too many people, too many of a lot of things.

And it sucks.

I want to get back into it because I truly enjoy it. I feel like I have information to share. I feel like I have emotional build-up to purge. I know I have exciting things to share. But, none of that is enough to get the words flowing the way I want them to.

I haven’t given up completely… maybe things will change.

Let’s run away (let’s run away),
Find ourselves a new place
Let’s run away
And find ourselves

Let’s run away, run away
Four walls built a cage
Let’s run away, run away
Four walls built a cage

Don’t let the cloud of dust settle in your lungs
Or the hourglass begin to run out
Let’s make sand castles while we can
Cause we’ll age and then someday
We will look back and say
What ravishing lives that we lived
What fascinating places we went


  1. Hi Ms Dixie,
    as you know I always thought internet isn’t the safest place for sharing very personal thoughts in some circumstances. But there are many ways you can do it more privately and still reaching out many faithful readers/friends.
    I like the lyrics you’ve posted below your musing. Is this from a song or poem I might heard somewhere? Could you disclose an author, please.

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  2. I feel like that, more and more recently. Sometimes you just have to wait until the words are willing to flow again. I find that the more I try to force them, the harder it is to get anything to come out, much less what I wanted to.

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  3. I haven’t known you for very long on this site but I do understand your position. I believe there is an ebb and flow to maintaining a blog, a time to write and a time to just observe other’s blogs. I have also looked back on my own posts and think ‘oh hell there is way too much personal stuff in my posts’. I always say do what you want to do and your followers will understand.

    The one thing I know is that my followers are decent and lovely people. They wish nothing but the best for you and I am one of those people. However, only you know what is right for you. Step back for a while, people will wait for you to come back. In your heart you know what is best for you.

    Good luck hun and find your place of peace. You can always come back. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you so much. I started out writing openly, it was a goal of mine because I wanted to share my journey — the good, bad, and everything in between. Of course things got left out, but… over the years, I have shared less and less. I enjoy writing, so I’d like to find my way back.


  4. Aww Misty I am thinking of you and I’m worried about you!
    Don’t worry anything you have shared with me is safe, I care about my friend very much 😊
    Reach out when your ready I will be here (hugs)

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